Iacobucci HF Aerospace

1972 Iacobucci HF Aerospace history started 40 years ago when Mr Emilio Iacobucci acquired 20% of MK Italiana S.p.A. a company manufacturing trolleys for both aviation and trains.
1985 Mr Emilio Iacobucci acquired 100% of the company giving birth to Iacobucci Metalwolkers S.p.A.
1987 The company was merged with Aviotech S.r.l. forming Iacobucci S.p.A. in order to consolidate its leadership in the trolley business.
1994 Lucio Iacobucci joins the family company with the development of the first espresso maker for airplanes, the Hi-Fly Espresso.
1999 The HF division developed Hi-Fly Americana, a new pod machine for making American-style coffee and tea (Mercury Award IFCA 2000).
2000 Beginning of the collaboration with Nestlé for the development of Nescafé Espresso & Cappuccino maker.
2003 Iacobucci HF Electronics S.r.l. is born from a spin-off of Iacobucci S.p.A. to develop espresso and coffee maker business.
2005 New partnership between Iacobucci HF Electronics S.p.A. and Nestlè Nespresso S.A. to develop a unique system to offer a ultimate coffee experience on board. The Hi-Fly Espresso by Iacobucci -Nespresso was born.
2006 Iacobucci HF launches the Hi-Fly Trash Compactor (winning the Italian concurrence “Award Innovalazio” and the Confindustria “Award for Excellence”).
2008 CreaIMPRESA Fund, Venture Capitalist of BNL-BNP Paribas Group, has taken over 49% of the company, giving birth to the Iacobucci HF Electronics S.p.A.
2009 The company has come to an agreement for the acquisition of MGS - Modular Galley Systems AG.
2010 Iacobucci HF Electronics S.p.A. completed the acquisition of the aviation division of lACOBUCCI S.p.A. transformed into Iacobucci ATS Srl. Reacquisition of the 49% of the company from CreaIMPRESA fund. Introduction of two new business units: the Iacobucci HF YACHT and Iacobucci HF SEAT.

2011 Iacobucci HF Electronics S.p.A. is involved in the industrial conversion of the “British American Tobacco” facility in Lecce.
Iacobucci MK was born.

2012 Idea Capital Funds SGR S.p.A., finalizes the agreements for the investment of the Idea Opportunity Fund I in the corporate stock of Iacobucci HF Electronics S.p.A.
2013 The company completes the seat certification process and delivers the first shipset to client. Idea Capital Fund SGR S.p.A. takes a stake around 12% through a dedicated capital increase.
2014 Change of company name into Iacobucci HF Aerospace S.p.A. Introduction of the mew commercial seats line for first and business class. Finalized the sale of Iacobucci MK. Completed the merger of Iacobucci ATS S.r.l. into Iacobucci Iacobucci HF Aerospace S.p.A.